Thank You NACA Mid-Atlantic Festival!

Metropolis artists and agents were in State College, PA last weekend for NACA’s Mid-Atlantic Festival. Our performers had a great time meeting students and we all look forward to bringing these acts to your campus!


Ken “Xclusive” Paryo had the audience laughing and dancing in their seats!  Xclusive was born into a family where music and dancing were very important parts of life. Raised by songwriters,Xclusive NACA MAT Xclusive was first introduced to music through the classical piano, but he soon took a keen interest in dance and by age seventeen had perfected his own freestyle form. This multi-talented and multi-dimensional performer utilizes physicality, inventive artistry, and pop culture to FLAT OUT entertain an audience. Xclusive has developed and seamlessly executes a one- man, three-ring circus of which he is the RING MASTER. Through hip-hop/anime dance, audience interaction, and stand up comedy, Xclusive DELIVERS and keeps his fans wanting more!







SPC NACA MATThe Second Place Champions used recruits from the audience to put on a hilarious improv comedy showcase! The Second Place Champions present the most exciting comedy show that you’ll ever be a part of! Their extremely interactive show is based around one crucial element: the audience. Each performance is structured around audience suggestions and everything is made up on the spot!

“The Champion of Champions” show features improvisers who compete to be crowned the winner of that particular show. These performers will use everything in their comedic arsenal to win over the audience’s favor, get the most laughs, and become that evening’s “Champion.”




Kid-Ace-Magic Illusionist Kid Ace was an alternate for the festival. He hung out in our Metropolis booth, meeting students and blowing their minds with his mesmerizing illusions!

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