The 2020 Vision

Hard to believe that the year 2020 is soon to be upon us. Two decades have passed in this new millennia and the third is about to begin. The trends are about to start with new year’s resolutions, goals, and themes so we thought we would fire up the bandwagon first this year. Truth be told we have already hinted at ours via our social media, but today we are officially releasing it to you.

Our goal for this upcoming year is more of a vision, a 20/20 vision of PERFECTION. All puns aside, it’s the truth we are striving this year to be as close to perfect as we possibly can be. We want to see, think, and act more clearly than ever before in 2020. We will begin blocking out all restraints, tints, shadows, or distortions that block our sight. In 2020 Metropolis will be seeing with perfection vision for all of you.

And all of you is the exact reason we are embarking on this quest. To our buyers, audience, and fans you deserve better than ever this coming year! Through clear communication, expectations, and devoted support we want you to trust see and feel the perfection we are trying to unleash.

 Some say perfection is an impossible mountain to climb or an optical illusion. Perhaps that may be so, but just as our amazing performers have taught us “if you aren’t striving for the highest possible peak of performance than you’re really just on a long delayed road of settling.” All of us here believe that peak is Perfection and in our job we believe we can begin to see the summit of our mountain. 

However, it’s not just the team on this trend it is our performers as well. From the World’s Greatest Hypnotist in Sailesh and the Dating Doctor David Coleman we are all apart of it. Just as we have said our goals, they too are striving to perform, entertain, and amaze audiences in a way of sheer perfection. This year is truly not the one you want to miss out on, after all they say hindsight is 2020, don’t let us catch you in the rear view!

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