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The 5 Considerations of Booking a Hypnotist

There’s no doubt that hypnosis is one of the most entertaining and versatile forms of entertainment around. From stage shows to empowerment workshops and team-building, you really can’t go wrong. But, finding the right hypnotist for your event is not as simple as booking the first name that comes up in your google search. You want to ensure a positive and safe experience for everyone involved. Take some advice from world renowned Hypnotist, Sailesh. Here’s the 5 most important things to consider when booking a hypnotist.

  1. Ethical Behavior

Make sure the performance is appropriate for the intended audience. Be sure to ask if the potential hypnotist has variations of the performance – from mild to more mature subject matter. Also, they should be willing to adjust their show content and their professional behavior among guests and participants accordingly.

Sailesh Says:

A Hypnotist should always take responsibility of their skits as well as possible responses from the volunteers. Conduct before the show, content of the show, and after the show should always be the first priority of the Hypnotist. Accommodating the current climate of being inclusive to the entire audience and creating a safe environment should also be taken to heart.

  1. Certified and Insured

Ask to see the hypnotist’s certification AND their insurance. Make sure that insurance coverage is up to date, valid in your area, and provides enough protection for everyone involved.

Sailesh Says:

When deciding on your hypnotist, a certified hypnotist guarantees the buyer a professional that has the knowledge of the mind and aware of triggers to avoid adverse reactions. Having an insured artist also protects the buyer and their patrons.

  1. Experience

Certifications are great but nothing beats experience. Always inquire about the amount and type of experience the hypnotist has. Keep in mind, hypnosis has many applications. You’ll want to choose a professional that has a decent amount of experience specifically in the area you’re booking for.

Sailesh Says:

I have been a hypnotist for over 23 years with certification form the American Institute of Hypnotherapy and the National Guild of Hypnotherapy. I teach at the Mitchell Institute of Hypnotherapy and have performed over 5,000 shows.

(It’s a safe to bet experience like this will make sure a hypnotist can handle any situation!)

  1. Adaptability to Audiences

When it comes to events, one thing is sure ANYTHING can happen. A successful hypnosis show depends on the ability of the hypnotist to adapt to the audience on all fronts. They are responsible for safely keeping the good time going and handling the unexpected, all while remaining calm, cool and collected. You can use the points above to gauge a hypnotist’s adaptability.

Sailesh Says:

Can the hypnotist read their audiences? What happens when a volunteer has a reaction under hypnosis? With the years of experience, I can tailor the show to the buyers request for content and have the ability to read the diversity of the crowd to know which skits to use to create the greatest impact.

  1. Reputation

Always do your research. You should look for honest reviews and be able to request references. Check to make sure any awards and accolades (as well as reviews) are current and consistent.

Sailesh Says:

Being the most nominated and award-winning Artist in the college market in the past decade not only as a Hypnotist but also as an artist speaks for itself!

(and definitely something to be proud of!)

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