The A+ Mindset

So someone just told us that next week is the end of the semester for most schools, if they aren’t already done!! We just can’t believe that it’s that time of the year already, but we also know what this time of the year brings for all of you college students. Final Exams…..

We know that it is a scary, stressful, and yes emotional topic, but we believe in each and every one of you! We have had such a great privilege of meeting so many amazing campus representatives at conferences, shows, and events this year and if they are any indication of the campus you all are going to do amazing! But just like we all know it’s a stressful time for you all, but we wanted to uplift you with some words of affirmation! After all it is a love language! 

What we want to tell you is that no matter the grade result of an exam, final, or even a class it is in no way a mirror effect on you! You are worth so much and we want you to not let anything tarnish the radiant intelligence and beauty you bring into this world! We’re so proud of each and every one of you and we know you are going to absolutely amazing things! Best of luck and go kick some Exam A$%!!!!

PS: Here are some helpful tips to get through easier

  1. You must sleep! It allows information to be processed and for you to generate energy for the big test.
  2. Study in a healthy, non-distracting, and productive environment. 
  3. Keep up on a healthy eating and drinking regimine! Caffeine generates energy sure, but it also impairs cognition and leads to a major exhaustion crash.
  4. Allow yourself a break from studying to relieve stress in a healthy manner and spend time enjoying life to increase dopamine levels.
  5. Mindset is everything! Believe that you can and you are already going to do better than you thought possible otherwise!
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