The Balancing Act - Tips To Avoid Burnout

The Balancing Act – Tips To Avoid Burnout

The Balancing Act – Tips To Avoid Burnout

Nothing beats a job well done…except when it leaves you feeling completely burnt out. When feelings of burnout start to occur, short-term solutions such as taking a vacation can certainly help, but the relief is usually temporary. To avoid burnout, focus on strategies that will have a deeper impact, and create lasting change.

Here are 4 tip to consider when you start feeling the burn:

1.K.I.S.S. (Keep it scheduled and simplify.) 

While you may have a mile long task list, trying to jam it all into your day planner may make you sacrifice essential free time and feel more overwhelmed. Instead, Find a daily routine that is easy to follow and then schedule your top work priorities accordingly. If the thought of “free time” sounds unproductive, remember that it acts as a buffer; to give you the time and space needed to tackle any unforeseen circumstance that pop up without putting you in a time crunch.  


Part of the simplifying process from above is to delegate. When looking at your priorities, figuring out when and where you can delegate is key to making work assignments (and your schedule) more manageable. You don’t have to go it alone!  At Metropolis Management, One of the things our speakers can do is facilitate trainings and retreats – instead of the advisor, professional staff or students taking on additional work, we step up and make it as stress free as possible. 

3. Rediscover your purpose

Look at the deeper impact of what you do every day; how does your work make life better for other people? How could you add more meaning to what you do every day? Focusing on the bigger picture can recharge your motivation meter, giving you the energy you need to take on another day of being awesome.

4.Turn off “work mode”

Remember the daily routine from step 1? Make sure that includes time to step away from the daily grind! Give yourself time to enjoy your favorite hobby, exercise, or just relax. This really serves to keep your work/life balance in check and prevent future burnout.  


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