The Change We Have Been Waiting For

  Unless you’ve been living totally obscured from the daily news you have likely been inundated with political conversations since November of last year. Russia. Emails. Student Loan Debt. Sexual Assault. It seems that any major topic we might have discussed on campus when I was student or even when I was a student affairs professional, has entered the political sphere. Frankly, as someone who works around politics, it’s exhausting – and I’ve devoted my career to this, so I can only imagine how everyone else feels. But the reality is, we have to talk about it for one big reason.   2018. Not simply because control of the U.S. House and potentially the U.S. Senate hang in the balance – which they do – But because for the first time ever, Millennials will become the largest voting bloc in the United States of America. That’s right in 2018 Millennials will surpass baby boomers as the largest voting population in the country. The real question is, will they rise to the occasion? Regardless of party affiliation, which millennials have shown to care less and less about, will the issues affecting them drive them to the polls? Put another way, will millennials be “the change they wish to see in the world?” because in 2018 they will finally have their chance. As educators and folks who work with student populations we have to act NOW to make sure students are ready to vote in 2018. We need to make sure they understand how they are directly impacted by decisions being made and how they can impact the entire country by turning out to vote for those who care about the same issues they do. Millennials can make their mark on the country in 2018 but first they have to Make Their Mark and Vote. Contributed by Lonnie Scott   For More information about Lonnie, visit:  
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