The Characteristics of Ethical Performers

It seems to us that the live entertainment world is under attack recently in light of some performances gone wrong. Performers have been trending in a direction that seems to be pushing the boundaries audience members feel comfortable with or boundaries the university expects a performer to stay within. It has caused a distrust between performers and agencies and the schools that want to hire them. The few that have caused this have done a major disservice to our community, and just as we have in the past we are here to help and clear our performers names.

In order to rebuild the trust once shared with all we want to offer some suggestions as to how you can be sure the performance you are expecting is the one you get. The first piece of advice we have is be sure that communication with the artist you are working with is clear and efficient. Do not be afraid to ask questions, lay out clear parameters for the show, and get a clear understanding of who you are working with. All artists are working for you when they are on your campus. They are there of course to entertain the audience, but should be willing to work with you and make you happy at the same time.

As a follow up to that be sure that the performers you hired are ones that are respected in their field. A quick research or name check on the artist you are looking into hiring can go a long way. Ask other schools, ask the agency, or even directly ask the artist. An ethical performer, like those on our roster, should be willing to answer questions of how long they have been performing, where they have performed, and why they are performing. These three questions alone will give you a great understanding of who you are working with.

The last piece of advice we can give you that can help you trust the performer you have decided to go with is to watch and monitor their content. These are performers they should either have a very valuable reputation that you hear about or a lot of content to help spread their name. Some of course have both, but we already discussed the value of a reputation, so what about their content is important? Well their content gives you an inside track to their show, what they do on stage, and how the crowd reacts. So you can study this content and get an inside track to make sure they fit in with your expectations.

Ethical performers should be able to pass all of those criteria, answer all of those questions, and give you valuable insight into the show you are about to see upon hiring him. Here at Metropolis Management we insure that our performers achieve all of the advice we give you above. We want to not only get our artists to shows, but also maintain and build healthy relationships with all schools that we work with or may one day work with. We believe in upholding these relationships and we promise our artists will do so.

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