THE Dynamic Duo of Orientation

Did someone forget to remind you that orientation is two months away? Well no worries even if your seasonal alarm clocks aren’t set yet, because we here at Metropolis Management always have ours set! Just like we have the perfect lineup for your orientation this year. Whether you are trying to inspire, motivate, or entertain this years incoming students we have the perfect performers for any such occasion!

Our lead off for this years lineup hasn’t changed anytime recently and we don’t see him stepping off the main stage anytime soon! It’s none other than the man, myth, and legend Sailesh! Sailesh has won hypnotists of the year from APCA, NACA, and other related associations. He has been dubbed the worlds greatest hypnotists by many across the world and has thrilled crowds to tears and laughs for many years.

The other half of this powerhouse Dynamic Duo is none other than David Coleman! David is a world renowned performer that has transformed peoples lives through his innovative words and fresh perspectives! An inclusive performer David entertains, inspires, motivates, and uplifts any and all crowds! He has been dubbed the Dating Doctor and has had others personally thank him for transforming his lives.

These two are always launching new and innovative parts into their performances in order to always keep their audiences eyes locked and jaws dropped! If you’re ready to see the brand new and publicly embarrassing stunts Sailesh will make his stars perform, or bearing witness to David Coleman’s new Veteran show coming this Fall then reach out to us!


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