The Four A’s to Change with Mitzi Sinnott

Earlier this week one of our very own Mitzi Sinnott shared her brilliant insights and developments on her most recent read into some of Barbara J. Love’s writings. These writings focused on CHANGE and Mitzi has developed, alongside Love’s writings, a practical guide to which we can initiate change within our community, workplace, and ourselves.

Mitzi is a world class inclusion specialist, renowned keynote speaker, and a close member of our family. We found these steps inspiring, motivating, and efficient and we believe you will find the same. Mitzi described to us four words from Barbara J. Love’s writing that create the process. The 4 A’s to this process of change are Awareness, Analysis, Action, and Accountable-Ally-Ship. 

There is a start to any process and when dealing in the process of change the obvious place to begin is Awareness. Mitzi describes this step perfectly just two words, “Take Notice!” Mitzi explains that if we aren’t noticing and responding to what is around us in our lives then initiating a change cannot happen. If we can’t see, feel, or hear what to change than we can’t begin this process and there will be no change.

So let us assume that we are aware of what is going on and what we need to change, the second step then according to Mitzi and Love’s writings is Analysis. Mitzi informs us that once we know what we need to change the next thing to do is analyze the issue. We need to figure out why this issue or situation is occurring and then gather different perspectives on how to change it. Once we figure this out we can then begin to take Action.

The third step and perhaps Mitzi’s favorite step is that of Action. She insists that when we take action we must not do it alone, but let others carry on the insurgence and pressure of change with us. Mitzi has stated for a long while that when beginning to make change we must organize, then take the action to interrupt the status quo that needs the change.

The last step is Accountable-Ally-Ship. This may seem confusing on paper, and as Mitzi assures it is perhaps the one that requires the most maturity on a persons part. It is a step where we must step back and allow for others to forward the action, the analysis, and the initial awareness. They must recognize that this step means that they will have to act not as the forerunner but a support and Mitzi shares that this requires a large uptick of maturity and we must ask ourselves before engaging in this step if we are ready. 

Sharing Mitzi’s insights and reflections are a joy for us because we know first hand the amazing inspiration and motivation she gives to all who hear from her. So let us take this plan of action from Barbara J. Love’s writings and use the words that Mitzi gave us to make a change in the status quo in order to positively impact lives, communities, and our society.

As a final note Mitzi left us with this thought, “I realize we can do some of this at any time, and not all of it, all the time. It’s a whole lifetime, so let’s pace ourselves.”


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