The Path to Normality

The thing about the current times we are living in is that we do not know the certainty of events and what the future holds for us in our individual lives and in the business world. What we do know is how difficult these times have been to adjust and adapt to the current situation. Now more than ever we have placed a pause on bookings because of the uncertainty of planning, but we are here to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to make events happen. 

We understand that it is not easy to set dates in place because of how quickly things can change, and we appreciate that you all keep us in the loop to make events the best they can be. Every venue and school has different circumstances and plans for the year. With that being said, quick changes or uncertainties have affected us in numerous ways and our artists. Our wonderful staff has been working diligently and at all hours to make everyone’s schedules work. It has been a real challenge all in all but above it all our team has pulled through for every one of the events we are helping make happen. 

We all are aware of how busy everyone is and we understand it! Work hours have gone far into the night so we can coordinate and support the student life experience and corporate world. Let us help you and in return it will help us make everything go seamlessly. 

We, Metropolis Management, value every single one of the people we work with and promote a healthy and safe experience for event coordinators alike with our artists. We thrive on communication, honesty and fair quotes. Flights, travel, and expenses have skyrocketed during the pandemic, so getting fair quotes is important for us and for our wonderful artists that we value. We are here to make every event memorable and make the booking process as smooth as possible. 

Patience, honestly, reliability, fairness, and safety is our motto and you can trust us to stand by this every step of the way! 

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