The Poetic Month of April

We have all heard the expression that April showers bring us May flowers. A poetic phrase that helps us to reminisce in the rain for hope that beautiful flowers will soon be the highlight. However, the month of April just doesn’t carry the fantasy of a beautiful filled May, it also brings us the month where we celebrate the art of poetry, as April is National Poetry Month!

From the works of Homer, Shakespeare, Frost, and those alike, we have all been touched by the rhythmic verses these wondrous individuals we call poets have put together for us. Poetry provides an outlet for feelings, emotions, stress, and all facets of life in such a personal and individualistic manner that no other outlet can.

Whether you one day want to be the star of the show,

Or perhaps a mere fan in the front row. 

Potentially you are the poet,

that simply didn’t know it. 

Metropolis Management can you help celebrate,

Through our artists that can do more than just create. 

Take this invitation to browse through our spoken word performers that can help create a new sense of feeling and emotion throughout this symbolic month and beyond! Our wonderful artists include the works of Jinahie, Panama Soweto, Oveous, and many more! Click the link below to help elevate your events from now and through the future!

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