The Power of Poetry

Poetry has no limitations, no restrictions, no boundaries.   Poetry impacts all generations, all ethnicities, all ages, and all genders.  It is an extremely powerful tool and if used in the correct way poetry can inspire and change lives for the better.  From love to loss, poetry does what little else can in the world… It uses the power of words and emotions to bring people together.  However, poetry is not only about the words being spoken;  there is so much more involved.  Poetry speaks from the soul, tells a story about life, love, hate, growth, friendship, and experiences.  Poetry is an art that sparks imaginative awareness of experiences.  Close your eyes, relax and let your mind, body, and soul soak in, and enjoy the beauty that poets offer to the world and the delicate, truthful words they bring into our lives. 

This fall, bring spoken word to campus to amaze and engage the community. To learn more about our spoken word artists, visit:

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