The Winter Blues PT 1

So it has come to our attention that the winter months and the second semester of college creates the winter blues and an unfortunate high rates of drop out among students. With this in mind we want to raise some awareness for this unfortunate circumstance and offer our advice to students on how to be successful from the day they start college to the day they graduate. Accordng to research by into Colleges and Universities across America , “56% of students who entered a 4 year bachelor degree drop out before completion of their degree.” Take a moment and think about that for a second. Over half of those pursuing a higher degree of education cannot complete their degree. This statistic is astounding and very troubling. Now very little research has been done into the time of year that students are actually dropping out, however, we took the time to discuss this topic with a Resident Assistant. This is what they had to say:

“As an RA, I deal a great deal with students who unfortunately choose to drop out for multiple reasons. In my time as  a Resident Assistant it is clear that this is most prevalent during two times of the year. One being when students first arrive to school and next in the winter months. While I have no stats on this topic, it is clear through my expereince in this role that these winter months cause some sort of Winter Blues which unfortunately leads to more students dropping out.”

The RA went on to say that the Winter Blues is usually caused by the cold nasty weather, the additional time spent locked up inside, and the lack of activities happening on campus. The interveiw with the RA truly brought some major insight to this topic and made it clear to us that during this time students are struggling to stay motivated and continue on with their degree. On Thursday we are going to hear from a student at Capital University that wanted to drop out in his second semester of college and how/why he decided to continue on. We will also be supplying you all with some great tips and advice on how to recharge your motivation and mindset prior to entering the Winter Blues of any given year.
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