Today is a Good Day to Take Action

Can you believe we are nearing the end of July?! 2020/21 has been paramount. The world has been shape-shifting quickly and it all seems like a surreal wild ride.

Many of us desire to make sense of the changes and the deep feelings that are surfacing. The pandemic seems to have opened up pandora’s box of long-hidden truths and left us wondering what’s next. There were so many moments when many of us did not know how and where we were going to find safety. Navigating the discord has been exhausting. 

Yet in all this chaotic disarray we are transforming like a butterfly that’s moved past its caterpillar and cocoon life. After all this unraveling, we are finally seeing the light. We are taking back our power. Where do we go from here? What’s next? 

As we move forward, the future looks promising and refreshing. It is time to get to work. What do you want to achieve? Envision it and perhaps write it down in your journal or revive your vision board. It is time to take action and today is that day. 

Have a good rest of the week!

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