Too hot for Dr. King Jr.? Contributed by Mitzi Sinnott

Normally it’s Winter when we celebrate Rev. Dr. King Jr’s inspired life, HOW DARE ME talk about events you produce on campus in January today!

Well, I think we can always consider His brilliance, and bravery…

Can I share one of the most affirming of his quotes from his book STRENGTH TO LOVE? (If you’ve never read it, I highly recommend this power packed book.)

“Only through spiritual transformation do we gain the strength to fight vigorously evils of the world in a humble loving spirit… The transformed non-conformist realizes that social change will not come over night, yet he works as though it is an imminent possibility.” Dr. King Jr.

I’ve been the keynote speaker the past year at Berea College and The University of Maryland. I’d love to visit your university this year!

Keshia Cashwell of University of Maryland said, “Our goal is always to educate, inspire, and provide a safe space for crucial conversations – Mitzi’s keynote presentation met all three goals.  Her unique style, weaving personal performance as well as her commitment to her work allowed us to delve deeper into the crucial conversation goal than we usually are able to in a 60 minute presentation.”

Let’s schedule a call to talk about your hopes for an event on Dr. King Jr’s Holiday 2019.

All the best! 


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