Tuesday Tip: Enrich Your Education

For many years it has been said that you go to college to get a degree and you do so by going to classes. These classes then teach you the needed material to gain access to a higher sense of knowledge that deem you fit for that piece of paper when you walk across stage. However, the question then arises on whether or not you are fit to go out and join the work force? Are you able to interact with society? Are you able to be a productive member of any society? Have you learned enough inside of the classrooms, lectures, and assignments to do any of these?

Hello, my name is Joshua Miller and I am rising Junior at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. I am pursuing a degree in Public Relations with minors in Journalism and Religion, however my education doesn’t stop there. I am the former Executive Director the Campus Programming Organization, the current Vice President of Service and Philanthropy for Alpha Sigma Phi Epsilon Chi, and am a NCAA Track and Field Student Athlete. I guess you can say that I have a lot on my plate including working here for Metropolis Management, but my plate is exactly what I want to write to you about.

Grasping the necessary knowledge to answer yes to all of the questions above cannot be achieved only in the classroom. In order to achieve success or simply achieve your goals in this modern society the need to go out and involve yourself in other activities is at an all time high. The reason for this is because involving yourself in the different dynamics of the world have proved to give you access to knowledge that you can’t gain from the lecture in those uncomfortable chairs. Knowledge such as empathy, societal cues, ability to read non-verbal cues, adaptive responses to adversity, the problems friends, family, and society is facing in the real time, and knowledge on the strength it takes to achieve your goals, your purpose, and your dream.

For the past two years I have learned both inside the classroom as well as outside. I am no expert so I won’t pretend to tell you which is more important, but I will tell that from experience both are important and you need to gain access to both in order to effectively answer all the questions. If we are in this life to achieve our goals and dreams, move society forward, and do our due diligence to help one another we need to learn that knowledge is the key to all of this and is not simply obtained by sitting in a classroom nor is it just obtained by going out with no regards to teachings.

I urge you all to listen to my Tuesday Tip which is, knowledge is the key to so much in our life, however, knowledge is a multifaceted valve that requires input from a number of different channels in order to flow correctly and be used in full capacity to impact what we need it too.

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