Twas the week of NACA Central

For it twas the week of NACA Central and the team of Metropolis Management was running all about to prepare for the amazing week ahead of all of us. For come Thursday the stage is set and the lights will go live on this 2019 NACA Central Regional Conference.

Alright enough story time it is time to get excited and get reminded of who your favorite agency has performing this coming week at this amazing conference starting on Thursday! So drumroll please because we have four of your favorite artists representing this week! These four are none other than Kazual, iCon, Oveous, and Nash Fung!

Leading us off for our introductions is the singing talent of Kazual who is making back to back appearances at regional conferences. Kazual rocked the stage last week at NACA South and we have no doubt that this year at NACA Central will be no exception! Kazual (pronounced ‘casual’) is one of the hottest and freshest Acapella Troupes to hit the market! Kazual’s sound is SMOOTH, RICH and REFINED. With crowd-pleasing covers and original arrangements, Kazual is SERIOUS entertainment for everyone!

The next artists who we are sure are going to make their presence known at this years NACA Central are iCon and Oveous! iCON, is a consistent force and one of the top slam poets in the world. She was nominated Entertainer of the Year (The Examiner) and also made BET’s list of Black Girls Winning. OVEOUS embodies brilliant lyricism with a powerful performance. Perhaps his greatest strength is that he was able to turn his brother’s suicide into a global mission for mental healing and the positive uplifting of all people he comes across with thru his music and words. These two spoken word performers are on the top of their game any time they hit the stage and you are about to be witness at this conference!

The last artist who was selected to show case from our family is certainly not the least, as it is none other than Nash Fung! Hailing from Seattle and performing all over the world, Nash Fung is an innovator in the field of magic who routinely creates never before seen illusions. Using a stunning mix of humor, magic and mind-reading, Nash mesmerizes audiences. With over 18 years of experience, Nash shines on stage and his performance at NACA Central will put this review on display.

We hope refreshing your memory of the jam packed talent we have has you all in attendance super excited for a great conference! Now your favorite agency is not just in the business for hyping up their artists, but we are also here to take care of you! So in preparation for this conference check out the PDF below on how to best prepare for your upcoming conference! We cannot wait to see all of you soon!

Conference Prep with Metropolis Management


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