Twas the week of NACA Mid-America

As we continue on the series of conferences we have been going to, writing about, and blowing up your feed about we run into our eighth one of the fall. We are through seven with seven to go, over the hump as some may say. As we start our descent to the finish we are looking forward to this weekend at this NACA Mid-America Regional Conference! We have a very special performer taking center stage to showcase. A musician unlike any other, his success has amplified on YouTube, where his cover videos have gotten him 162,000+ subscribers and over 16.5 million views. Additionally, his song “Gravity Bound” was featured on an episode of CBS’s, “Life Unexpected.” He has over 100 Million views on Facebook and is known for his comedy music, and his name is Dan Henig! Dan Henig is a creative musician and songwriter with a knack for storytelling. His musical style can be described as a soulful blend of Pop and R&B, with lyrically driven melodies which are bound to stick with you long after you listen. We hope you are all ready for an amazing show and we promise it will truly be one you will never forget! Don’t hesitate to stop by the booth where you can meet Dan and the rest of the Metropolis Management employees!
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