Twas the Week of NACA West

Well in what seems like a snap of a finger we are suddenly on our final regional conference of the year! Our team has been so appreciative to have met everyone at these conferences, but are not quite ready to reminisce as we still have the NACA West Conference to go! Your lineup for your favorite agency includes the talents of Dan Henig, Jinahie, and Sailesh!

Dan Henig is a creative musician and songwriter with a knack for storytelling. His musical style can be described as a soulful blend of Pop and R&B, with lyrically driven melodies which are bound to stick with you long after you listen. Dan started getting involved with music after a neck injury in high school prevented him from pursuing college football. Driven to succeed in the music industry, Henig moved to Nashville for a year to hone in on his songwriting craft. Now, living in Los Angeles, Henig has been writing songs with some of the biggest names in music.

Jinahie is an an Egyptian-American performance artist, educator, and social justice activist. Now in the fifth year of her national tour, Jinahie performs & speaks at colleges and universities across the country. Her spoken word performances are held in high regard by her followers and her writings have brought crowds to tears, to their feet, and into their feels. As a psychologist & Creativity Coach, Jinahie provides a variety of interactive workshops that will engage creative minds as well as enhance areas of leadership, teamwork, and personal growth.

Sailesh, the seasoned veteran of the group, has made head wave his entire career. He has performed at over 200 colleges in the United States, over 5,150 shows, and has hypnotized over 75,000. Sailesh is the only artist to be named Entertainer of the Year by multiple organizations in the same year and is the most recipient of APCA’s Hypnotist of the Year! Having been dubbed the World’s Greatest Hypnotist by MTV and others abroad you sure won’t want miss his show at NACA West! Whether you have the opportunity to be a star of the show on stage or one of the many in the crowd we guarantee that you will not have seen any better unless you have seen his show before!

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