Celebrating International Women’s Day with Tish Norman

It is our day ladies!!! Happy International Women’s DAY!! We are so BOSS!! We are mothers, aunts, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, godmothers, employers, employees, mentors, supporters, sustainers, prayers, preachers, Bishops, Sorors, Sorority sisters, governors, mayors, presidents, volunteers, fighters, warriors, generals, survivors, BELIEVERS, faith- holders, life-givers, overcomers, VICTORS, and if you can believe it…so much more!!! It’s no secret that women are slowly taking over the world…and making significant progress in holding crucial positions in the work place and beyond. Women in areas like politics, academia, athletics and business are making advancements and experiencing new levels of success more than ever before. Women who are going after their goals are excellent examples for collegiate women to follow, and to show them what it means to truly be a flourishing woman.

Unfortunately, in some arenas today, faux beauty, glitz, glamour, and pettiness have rivaled what it truly means to “slay with one’s virtue.” With social media sites and TV networks like Bravo, E, MTV, and VH-1 constantly pouring out reality shows that endorse women making bad decisions—negative and skewed messages are in position to adversely influence women of all ages, everywhere. My opinion. You are certainly entitled to yours as well. During an interview last year, I was quoted, “Too many women have become household names from making less than constructive decisions in main stream media. This has literally taken over and transformed the culture. In exchange for a quick dollar and five minutes of fame, women let the networks and money-hungry television executives exploit the very worst of who they are.”

When women on campus take on the role of being a student leader, they’re faced with an array of challenges. Which organization is the best one to join for me? Will other women respect me? How do I give voice in an organization predominantly run by men? Do I have enough time to successfully lead an organization? These are just a few questions that a young woman may consider. I suggest, nonetheless, when faced with an obstacle, “unleash your inner GODDESS BOSS CHIC and know that you have gifts, talent and beauty that is uniquely yours—unmatched by any other. You have a voice. You count and your voice matters.”

Finding a positive role model in your life can guide you in the right direction as well. By looking beyond the overly glamorized lives in the media, social media, on reality TV, heck, even on your campus, and focusing on what it means to truly be successful, women can begin work towards honest goals that will put them ahead in life. I recommend that you Identify role models in your life. Surround yourself with people, not just women, but people who are going somewhere and doing something to incite change.

Every woman on campus can be successful—it’s just the matter of getting out of your head and your room, and fulfilling those dreams. Ladies, when you sit on social media or watch reality TV, watch what NOT to do. Look and listen so you know how NOT to speak, dress, dance, walk, connect with, and get motivated by your own exceptional greatness!

Tish’s keynote, Becoming Outstanding Women celebrates women by giving women life skills from a fresh and new perspective. Tish uses the traditional standards combined with the dynamism of this generation to reach all women on relevant issues.

WE ARE WOMEN… the bold and powerful! We have a voice to energize!! Walk in your Queendom today and every day as I salute and love you all today!


About the Author

Tish Norman has been captivating and motivating audiences for close to 20 years and is among the nation’s premier classroom, campus, and corporate keynote speakers. A former school teacher, Tish found her passion in life—educating and empowering others through her stirring keynote presentations. Known for her wit and style, it is here that Tish delivers powerful messages in an approachable and practical fashion. She relates to and appeals to her audiences’ basic desire and common goal, to make the most of every leadership experience. Tish is the Executive Director of Transforming Leaders Now, Inc., an educational consulting company, specializing in college and career readiness and the African American experience.

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