We can't just highlight one female artist today…so here's a little something about each of our fierce artists!

Melissa Shoshahi:
With charming wit, Melissa provides gut busting humor that makes even the stiffest person crack a smile. Her Iranian-American upbringing has provided her with endless material and allows her to impersonate some unlikely celebrity comedians. Who knew Kim Kardashian did stand-up!!

Chantal Chamberland:
Simply put by Dan Cowan, “With a voice like soft velvet and a sound that inspires daydreams of sipping champagne in a cozy corner jazz bar, Chantal Chamberland’s music bears the heart and soul of a classic jazz torch singer.”

Katie Lee:
Katie Lee is a musician who embodies a timelessness that reflects her influences: Ella Fitzgerald’s vocals and Tom Waits’ prolific songwriting. Her ethereal and captivating sound is a charming mix of country, blues, folk, and soul, fascinating audiences with a sound that is new, but feels just like home.

Kaycie Gunn
With vulnerability, passion, attitude and raw talent, Kaycie crafts a lyric and a beat that are contagious and unforgettable. Innovative and without limits, Kaycie Gunn delivers a performance that you
DID NOT see coming and you won’t soon forget!

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