“What Do Sports Offer?” Part 1

There is perhaps no other program or institution more valuable to colleges and universities than intercollegiate athletics. School sports allow student athletes to reach new levels of excellence and ability they may not have thought possible. To gain knowledge of and confidence in themselves, to build teamwork, interpersonal skills and relationships that will last them a lifetime, and to develop their competitive spirit in fun and healthy ways.

For the rest of the student body sports offer: not just extraordinary entertainment, but also build pride in the athletes, teams and the school, instill a sense of history and tradition, increase connection and involvement, and allow each and every student to realize their own true potential. Indeed, spectators, when seeing their peers reaching new levels of performance and success on the field, often discover the same possibilities within themselves – perhaps in different areas, such as academics, but often as as strongly and profoundly as the athletes do.

And, of course, schools as well gain so much from their athletics programs. They see a student population which is happier, healthier, more involved and more successful on many different levels. Sports help them build, or continue, rich histories and traditions, improve their reputations and increase school spirit, encourage more and better alumni involvement, bring about increased funding and sponsorship, increased enrollment and retention and – even if this is not always seen or appreciated – better academic performance and standings.

Much more could be mentioned here, including many other benefits and the positive effects athletics have on faculty and staff, the students’ families, the communities and their economies, and much, much more. Of course, a lot of this is not possible if the teams aren’t winning, and it is all improved and increased if they are. This is where hypnosis can help, to turn struggling athletes and teams around and help them start winning, to make winners win more, and to make even the most successful individuals and teams even better, throughout the season, in the drive to the championship and in the following years’ bids to repeat. And, as the most popular hypnotist in the college and university market, this is when I am so often called upon.

Sailesh makes audience members the stars of the show, taking the entire audience on an interactive journey using hypnosis, improv, and music to create a whole lot of laughter and a ton of fun! Sailesh is also the most recently awarded hypnotist of the year by APCA and has been dubbed as the worlds best hypnotist. He is proven to transform lives and audiences all while providing a once in a lifetime show you don’t want to pass up on!

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