“What Do Sports Offer?” Part 2

Certainly it is well understood that a good hypnotist can awaken an athlete’s confidence and remove self imposed limitations and anxieties, build a team’s confidence, pride and teamwork, improve everybody’s ability to learn, understand and implement plays, strategies and philosophies, and offer powerful positive subconscious suggestions about ability, potential and winning. And it works: again and again, hypnosis makes athletes and teams work and perform better and win more.

Fortunately, though, I have worked with enough athletes, coaches and directors, and in enough college environments, to understand that there is so much more an evening of hypnosis can do for the good of the individual, the team, the program, the school and everybody involved. And at least part of this has to do with people’s attitudes about college sports. When a team, an athletic director or their department sponsors an evening of hypnosis for the campus, for example, this is a powerful way to improve the student body’s attitude towards the athletic program and school sports in general, and to show how much their support, attendance and enthusiasm are appreciated.

When the show is provided instead for the athletes themselves, they feel both appreciated and appreciative, they blow off steam, they have an unforgettable evening of fun and fascination, and they feel better about themselves, their coaches, trainers and staff, the team and the whole program. They are motivated to do better and they have the tools, confidence and clarity which make it virtually certain they will do better.

And yet it must be said that this is not always enough. Every coach, trainer, athletic director or team has known the supreme frustration of having a great athlete who is not allowed to play, perhaps because of poor academic performance, infractions of school policies or breaking the law. This is perhaps the least realized or appreciated way hypnosis can help an athlete, team or program, and perhaps also the most rewarding and important.

Because indeed, every aspect of a student’s life can be improved through hypnosis. I hear so many students tell me that their grades improve, they learn so much more, study better and more effectively, attend classes more regularly and enthusiastically, are much more effective in managing time and resources, are more interested and engaged and feel better about pretty much every aspect of their school experience. If an athlete is facing academic ineligibility, there is quite possibly nothing more effective than hypnosis in improving grades, learning and attitude. And further, it has always been my experience that even athletes who are well within the acceptable parameters of academic eligibility will experience big improvements in performance both in the classroom and on the field after one of my shows, and will feel much better about both, and about themselves.

And if behavioral problems, such as violent or aggressive behavior, drugs or alcohol, sexual misconduct, or disregard for any other laws, rules or regulations are threatening a student athlete’s eligibility, hypnosis is again perhaps the most powerful and effective way of turning that student around. Hypnotic suggestion, especially when combined with the tools, positive messages and self respect people get from my shows, ensures that not only can such students change, but that they actually want to change. They stop bad habits and behaviors, they feel better about themselves and their life, they learn how to find balance and deal with stress, they become healthier and happier and perform better, and they are held in higher esteem by their teammates, the school and the community. And they can continue to play.

I have performed at over 500 colleges and universities and have the highest re-book rate in the business. I have been called “The Best Hypnotist in the World” by MTV Europe, “Hottest Hypnotist in the World” by Inside E, both Hypnotist of the Year & Entertainer of the Year 2017/2018 by APCA and the 2016 Entertainer of the Year in their Readers’ Choice Awards. But as nice as all of this acclaim may be, much more thrilling to me is what happens to the students who come to my shows. They see and participate in an event unlike anything they have ever experienced, and they have the time of their lives. And, most important of all, after the show their lives get better – their school lives, athletics and other extracurricular, their relationship with themselves, their family and friends, their health and habits, thoughts and feelings, and so much more. After everything our student athletes have given us, I can think of nobody who deserves this more

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