WINNer’s Minutes from Coach Winn

How many hours have you sat in front of the television set admiring the athletes competing in the Olympic Games? Did you watch Lilly King win her first gold medal in swimming, Michael Phelps win his 21st Olympic medal in the 400 freestyle relay or Simone Biles assist the US women gymnast to the gold?

I can’t take my eyes off the television set in fear that I might miss a golden moment.

With every step, hop, leap and jump that an American athlete takes, I am right there with them. I feel their humiliation, disappointment and tears when they fail, and I laugh, dance and high five when they win.

You probably know these feelings. When you are invested in the outcome of your team, you feel the same way. Leaders who share the emotions of their team and who possess emotional intelligence are more likely to be great leaders.

As a former two-time Olympian and National Coach of the Year, I will assist you in building Olympic leaders and WINNING teams.
Two of the programs I offer that will create Olympic-minded leaders and WINNING teams are:

*Win or Lose is Something You Chose: The Seven Key Elements for Building Team Cohesion.
*Serve Who? I’m The Leader…I Don’t Follow I Lead.

““The difference between Olympic-minded leaders and other leaders is the decision to eliminate all obstacles in the way of success.”

–Coach Sherry Winn


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