Winter Blues PT 2

Well unlike Tuesday we are here to show the sunshine at the end of the winter blues. In this blog you’ll hear from a student that experienced the winter blues and then at the end we will offer our advice!


              I am going to choose to remain anonymous in this letter, but I hope it finds all of you well. I was contacted by a friend to tell you my story. It’s my hope that in reading this you will see the sunshine at the end of the road you are on.

             During my second semester of my first year at college I nearly made the decision to drop out of school. It wasn’t because of grades or lack of friends but it was because the trance the winter months had put me in. I am a very energetic and involved student on campus now and if you met me you would probably think this letter is fake, but I assure you it is not.

            Starting in January of that semester I began to struggle hard with what my counselor described as Season Anxiety Disorder. It means that because of the reduced sunlight and other winter weather factors my anxiety was worsening. This seasonal trance nearly pushed me to give up on the greatest journey of my life. However, I was able to fight through and so are you.

            I know what some of you are feeling because I have been there too. The way I was able to overcome was by not running away from my problem. Instead I admitted that something was wrong and faced it head on. It is the hardest step as you’ll hear from anyone, but it will make all the difference. I encourage you today, right now, just as I did to face what’s wrong and seek help. You are all stronger than me and I know you will make it through.


                                                                                                                                                     A Friend in Your Corner

We hope the letter finds you all well. The last thing we want to do is offer some quick point advice on to what yourself and your college can and should be doing in order to avoid the Winter Blues!

  1. Don’t let the Winter Weather lock you in! Even if it’s just moving to the lobby of your building or another building nearby a change of scenery and workspace can greatly impact your mood for the positive!
  2. GET INVOLVED! Sorry if you feel that we use this as a catchall solution, but its true the more you are involved in organizations, clubs, and groups that fit your interest and time the better your mood and outlook will be!
  3. Play like you were a kid! Now not everyone experiences snow, but if you are at a university that does, grab some friends and get in touch with your inner child.
  4. Make plans with friends! We’ve been on your campus and have seen your interactions you have friends and they might be feeling the same way as you can so hangout, laugh, and enjoy the company to avoid winter blues!
  5. UNIVERSITIES: Plan, execute, and follow through on events even in Winter! We know weather can play a factor, but as long as we have been around we have seen declined number of events during this time. We challenge you to think about your students and use the skills you all have to get them out of the room even in the winter!
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