Workplace Hypnosis & Benefits of What I Can Do for You!

Workplace Hypnosis & Benefits of What I Can Do for You!

Little bit about what I do for the corporate workplace!  Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can significantly improve a person’s job performance in many different ways, benefiting the employee as well as the company. And yet many people may not really understand exactly what this means or how hypnosis can help. 

Fear is a major barrier to a person’s success, personally and professionally. In the corporate world, fear of failure or rejection can cause employees to keep ideas to themselves, even if those ideas have merit and could really benefit the company. A supervisor or manager, on the other hand, may be reluctant to listen to or utilize their employees’ ideas, based on fear of being usurped or of making a bad decision. Higher-level management may back down from important decisions and bold, innovative directions for their department or the company, because of fear of change, fear of failure or other fears which cannot always be so easily defined. These are, of course, only a very few ways in which fear can hold back an individual, a team, a department, or a company.

The same things could be said for anxiety which, like fear, is very rarely based on the actual events surrounding a person in the present moment. Another major negative factor in today’s workplace, anxiety is perhaps a lower level emotional state than fear, but also more frequently, even constantly, present for many people, and potentially even more damaging and counterproductive. Where fear may make a person decide to hold back on sharing ideas, implementing improvements, or confronting problems or new challenges, anxiety can eat away at a person to the point that they may not have new ideas, see the possibility for improvement or even allow themselves to even realize that problems exist. 

And this is one of the greatest things about the decision to have somebody like me come to your company – it is extremely good for business, but it is maybe even better for the people in your business, helping them not only be better employees but to feel and to better in every aspect of their lives.

There are numerous other benefits as well, such as how hypnosis can help a person learn more and retain more. An ambitious and motivated employee may want to learn more about the business, the market and their competition, about technology, about their own department and process, about sales, creativity, communication, or any of the other countless subjects which can help their career and their company. By losing fear and anxiety, and using hypnosis to increase memory and retention and to become a better learner, the person will learn more and be able to put the new knowledge to better use.

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